Author your life.

Lets begin . . . 

Creatively write with intention.

  • Ever wonder what it is like to have an imagination?
  • Want to learn how to think outside of the box?
  • Are you seeking clarity beyond convention?
  • Would you like to create your very own personal brand through book writing?
  • Ever want to tell your kids what you do at work?
  • Ever want to give advice to the younger generation or your peers?
  • Ever want to remember a set of experiences and the meaning behind it all?
  • Do you desire to leave a written legacy to your heirs rather than money?
  • Would you like to write a collection of stories that have been passed down from your ancestors?
  • Do you want to better your intelligence by getting in touch with your core thought creation?

Consider hiring me as your creative writing coach.  If you have started writing, and just need a little boost to your writing energy, then join our writer's group.  I can prepare you to realize your writing talents and work toward writing an entire book, build your brand, or simply . . . OWN YOUR WORDS.  

The Book Label

Conceptionally, a book label could be very much like a record label.  It is a consulting company that empowers ordinary people to become extraordinary artists.  The Book Label is an endorsement and brand of popular culture promoting individual artistry brands designed by first time authors.  The brand they write can be promoted by The Book Label in various ways such as legacy documents to their heirs, much like a trust wealth management service that focuses on words as a legacy as opposed to anything financial.  Histories of people and organizations can be illustrated and supported.  So, a book label can be produced for not only individual people, but to more of a collective also, such as families or work teams.  A book label can replace the resume or operations manual as a brand book.  It can be printed and distributed to employees of a company or given to a prospective employer as a sample of job skill and credential.  A book label can brand your own startup as a lifestyle business.  Your new personality and crafted style could emerge from your own thought collaboration by developing a book label.  You can “label” your life as you choose to.  You can build your business brand with a book to coincide with your business plan. 

Volunteer to be YOU and make a contribution to your community, family, self, and beyond.  Own your personality.  Go back in time; or motivate your soul to listen and propel forward.  Gain perspective.  Voice your opinion.  You matter.  People want to know what you think and why you think that way. 

Sometimes you need what you need.  Quiet moments, peaceful consciousness, freedom of time . . . Don’t feel like there is a consequence to being human.  Book reading and book writing can quench your intangible cravings that are complete with an air of satisfaction.  You may not choose to publish; but your reward will be a book that you can read at a later date; and a journey you can be your unapologetic self with strategy at the forefront.  The impression is in the words, first and lasting. 

How I Can Help You

Creative Writing Coaching

You will have access to 10 writing workshops as a membership each month with Dr. Shay Pursel and other writers just like you.

Brand Development

You will have access to peer and coach mentorship for writing, advertising, marketing, and website design for your book and author page.

Editing and Publishing

You will have access to book proposal coaching, direct referrals for editing, manuscript reviews, and publishing services from market analysis to print.

***Disclaimer:  The Book Label is not a literary agent, publisher, nor publishing services company.  The Book Label is a consulting firm specializing in book review and referral as a platform and network for clients, which are defined as first time book authors.  The Book Label does not exclude published authors; but strongly encourages exploring a new way of writing that is unique to the individual. 

If after an introductory meeting or manuscript review, your work is not deemed a “best fit” for The Book Label, Ltd., you may be referred to Paper Raven Books and/or the Professional Book Editing Association for suited services.  Consequently, associated servicers may be priced higher.

Get in Touch

Contact me to learn more about taking the next step towards realizing your transformative and creative dreams through writing.  Please send me an email with the subject line titled as "The Book Label".  I will respond within 24 hours.  Thank You!